Is Recovery Mountain simply a Twelve Step program?

While the 12-Step principles are the foundation of our program, we apply a multi-disciplinary model within a residential setting, offering a balance of structure and support while guests are addressing dependency. Guests participate in individual and group life coaching sessions, designed to help each guest navigate their individual circumstances and work toward accomplishing individual goals.

What is the length of time for this program?

Typically guests participate in our program for a minimum 2 - 5 week stay. While at Recovery Mountain, guests will work with our staff regularly to assess progress and readiness for departure.

I enjoy working out, can I continue with my daily fitness routine while at Recovery Mountain?

Absolutely! We have a state of the art, indoor fitness center staffed with certified athletic trainers. Whether you are a beginner or an elite athlete, our certified training staff work with our guests daily in achieving their fitness goals.

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